Monday, 9 April 2012

World Autism Day (a bit late...apologies)

When someone says "autism" - the rain man is what spring to most people's minds. But autism is a spectrum disorder and although some sufferers are savants like the rainman, the majority are not and the disorder can range from a complete lack of communication ability to the disorder being only vaguely apparent on the surface.
I have high functioning autism. I am just like everyone else. I just find some things a bit more difficult due to my autism. 
I do not see autism as a disability, I see is merely as an obstacleThe below video is one I made once describing a little about high functioning autism from my perspective and that of many others. 

The symptoms of autism fall into three main categories; difficulty with communication, difficulties with social interaction and difficulties with imagination. This means that social situations can often be overwhelming and cause high levels of distress.

I was very reluctant about my teachers at school being told about my autism. But, when they were told it was explained to them which things I find tricky and why I didn't understand some things. The consequences of this have been purely positive. This just shows that a wider understanding and awareness of autism in our world would be highly beneficial. Not only would it decrease unnecessary  discrimination but, it would make things easier for those with the disorder.

Autism is a spectrum disorder. Do not assume that all people with autism are the same. Give us a chance and get to know us. I promise you that autism is not purely a synonym for strange.

take care

The following link explain the characteristics of autism very well:

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